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Get Outta the ‘Hood and Into the Woods!

by Rita Robinson, ENC Communications Intern

Giving Back to What Nurtures Us All — Nature

Show Your Students How to Give Back to Nature — Just in Time for the Holidays

Teachers Night Out_Service Learning

The word going around is that Thanksgiving has turned into Thanks-taking, especially with the biggest shopping frenzy day starting before the turkey even has time to digest. So ENC has decided to give back by showing teachers, homeschoolers, naturalists, scout leaders and any adult who cares about this planet some fun and scientific ways to encourage children’s inherent fascination with the awesomeness of nature.

We all know what most kids (not to mention the rest of us) will be doing during Winter Break, ruining the curve of their necks, their eyesight and probably a bit of their brains starring at their iphones, ipads and ipods incessantly, and we’re all paying a big price.

Getting outside is the perfect antidote and now, with major environmental changes looming, it’s more important than ever. As educators and parents who care about our students’ well-being, it’s just as important to us to ensure that experience. Studies show being in nature makes children brighter, lighter, calmer, more focused and able to handle life’s ups and downs on an even keel, which means they’re healthier and happier. Sharing nature with others makes all of us feel good. And giving back to nature seems only natural.

Teachers Night OUt campfireSo come on out for another warm and friendly Teachers’ Night Out get-together at the Environmental Nature Center, 1601 E. 16th St., Newport Beach, and bring the goodness of giving back to nature into your classroom. Nurture your students’ inherent love of the awesomeness of nature and instill the giving spirit just in time for the holidays.

From 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at the Environmental Nature Center, 1601 E. 16th Street, Newport Beach, we’ll have our own after-hours walking tour of the Nature Center to discover fun and exciting things your students can do to give back. We’ll give you some good ideas and show you how to bring them to life as service-learning science projects that will make the holidays even more meaningful.

teachers night out copyAfterwards, we’ll enjoy a light meal together, share our experience over a glass of wine and break out some s’mores  ‘round the campfire!

It all adds up to a night of nurturing from nature that we can pay forward! And it’s only $10 apiece!

To register and purchase tickets, go to: https://encenter.org/blog/events/teachers-night-out-giving-back/

(ENC members free! To become a member, go to: https://encenter.org/become-a-member/)

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