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The Sea Level is Rising. Where do we go from here?

An Evening with Gary Griggs
July 18, 2018
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Free and open to all.

The Environmental Nature Center is hosting a talk featuring speaker Gary Griggs, Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His speciality is the study of diverse ways in which coastal hazards affect human settlement and the development of the coastal region. Come learn about how fragile the coastal zone, home to nearly half of the world’s population, really is, and how future sea-level rise is one of the greatest challenges facing human civilization.

With about 150 million people around the world living within three-feet of high tide, and hundreds of millions more within a few more feet, increased coastal population is impacting this often-fragile meeting place of land, sea, and air. All shorelines are also experiencing a rising sea-level, which is causing coastal erosion and flooding.

Professor Griggs will detail how the entire coastal zone should be globally recognized as a region under threat. Specifically relevant to California, Griggs will focus on the question:  “Where do we go from here?” As he wrote in Coasts in Crisis,  “the future choices we make about our coasts and oceans are decisions about who we are, what we value, what kind of world we want to live in—the world our children and grandchildren will inherit.”  The stakes are very high.

More information and registration available here: http://newkirkcenter.uci.edu

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