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Excited for my first Winter Camp!


As an excited, newly hired Naturalist at the ENC, this will be my first winter camp. I am currently working hard to create my own fun and educational program that will be a part of this already amazing winter camp. I can tell already that all of the ENC’s Naturalists are animated, intelligent, and caring people, so as one of the newest Naturalists, I have big shoes to fill! Still, I am very excited for my first winter camp.

Throughout my training so far, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about many of the school programs the ENC offers. School programs cover California Standards and are paralleled to what students are learning in class. For students to come to the ENC is a great chance to get out of the classroom and learn about nature in the great outdoors, where the best, most creative nature learning takes place.

Although the school programs are definitely a great time for the students and myself alike, I know camp is going to be even more fun! Camp allows Naturalists the freedom to teach about various subjects that children may not have many other opportunities to learn about. Camp also allows us to get creative and spend an equal amount of time learning by playing games and doing crafts! This is the Naturalist’s chance to create a less structured, even more exciting program. And even though the camp is crazy fun, it’s still super informative because naturalists are educators, after all.

Winter Camps at the Environmental Nature Center are for campers in K – 6th grade.  I am teaching both weeks (Week 1 is December 22, 23, & 24, and Week 2 is December 29, 30, & 31).

Each day, campers (divided into small groups by age) will rotate between Camp Teachers, where they will participate in exciting, age appropriate hands-on activities. My theme is “Marvelously Misunderstood Animals” because I LOVE animals more than anything! Campers will have a great time learning about animals as they see and touch them. To learn more about the other themes, and to register, visit our website. – Rebecca Fent, ENC Naturalist

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