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Featured Artisan: Soap Tart Soaps

About_prodCarmen Tunis, owner and creator of Soap Tart soaps, has always believed that healthy skin is happy skin. So, one day after a suggestion from her daughter, she decided to make a bar of soap. Hundreds of bars and 10 years later, she started Soap Tart – an organic bar soap company to share what she learned, spread some joy, and bring back fun in the shower.

“Washing up doesn’t need to be boring,” says Carmen. “I believe that getting back to basics with nourishing and good-for-you ingredients can be downright life altering, because what is more intimate than a bar of soap? Knowing what you’re putting on every nook and cranny provides a connection like no other.”

Check out her website HERE.

Check our her blog HERE.

Come to the ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 3 to buy some Soap Tart soap!

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