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Farewell Aaysia!

Spring Semester is finally coming to an end and with less than two week till graduation I am sad to be ending my internship here at the Environmental Nature Center. Interning here has been nothing but an incredible learning experience and I am thankful for every day I got to spend here.

Someone once said, “Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can – there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.”

As I end my internship here at ENC I can honestly say that I am truly grateful I learned so much during the few months I’ve been here. I’ve learned the importance of organization, communication, and deadlines. Working with Lori Whalen was also a great learning experience. I was able to work with someone who has been in the communications field for years. Seeing what she does on a daily basis and also getting feedback on my writing such as press releases and other public relations writing was a good learning experience itself. Although my time here was limited I also learned the importance of having a plan in communications. I learned that sending out press releases, releasing blog articles, media alerts, and everything else is important especially when you send them out for events. Your plan and what you do always affects the result of the event.

Not only was interning at the ENC a great learning experience but it was a fun and enjoyable one. I was able to come to an internship and do something that I love doing, which is writing. I was able to learn and take note of how things should be done as far as press releases and also be creative and write blog articles. One of my favorite memories here was going outside of the nature center to walk around and take pictures of campers during one of the nature camp workshops. At that moment I got to see an important part of the Environmental Nature Center: the nature, children, and the importance of learning outdoors.

All good things much come to an end though. I loved the past five years living in Orange County but after I leave my internship here and graduate from California State University, Fullerton I plan to move back home to San Diego. My plan is to find a public relations job out there and finally do everything I’ve been putting off because of my busy schedule with school and work. I want to travel more, explore different hiking trails throughout California and maybe even other states, continue with yoga, and just enjoy the little things in life. As I reside back in San Diego I also want to use the extra time I have to travel to different states because I want to move outside of California for grad school. So after I graduate the search for the next city/state I want to conquer begins!

Finishing my internship here and graduating CSUF is a big goal that I have accomplished. This is not the end though. There are many other goals I have set such as grad school and finding a full time PR job and interning here has helped me prepare for it.

As I sat here and wrote my final blog for the Environmental Nature Center I acknowledged that endings are always a little sad, even when there is something to look forward to on the other side. I want to thank the ENC for an amazing internship opportunity and allowing me to practice the skills I’ve learned in college while teaching me so much on the way. – Aaysia Shelton, ENC Communications Intern

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