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Rental Policies

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The Environmental Nature Center’s building, deck and grounds are available for rental to advance the interests of the Environmental Nature Center (ENC) through increased public support. All people using the facility must consider the physical impact on the property and abide by the policies outlined below. The ENC’s Executive Director reserves the right to have final approval on all events and activities scheduled at the Center. It must also be recognized that the grounds are open to from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Friday and 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Saturday and Sunday, and that although the staff supervisor of the event will make every effort to assure privacy, there are inherent limitations.

Event rentals coordinated to take place on ENC grounds will enrich all guests in attendance with the ENC’s mission of hands on experiences in nature. When coordinating with the renters, the ENC’s goal is to incorporate the values of sustainability into the pre-planning, execution, and clean up of events. Any events held at the center, utilizing any portion of the ENC campus is reserved solely for education and development of sustainable practices. The ENC is the ideal podium to teach guests and the public the importance of using resources in a responsible way. The following rental policies are additional policies that must be followed while on the ENC campus.

  1. Availability: The Environmental Nature Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality education through hands-on experience with nature. We cannot close any portion of the building or our trails or alter our programming schedule to accommodate rentals. When not being used for programs, our facilities are available for rental for weddings, business meetings, corporate parties, family reunions, anniversaries and similar events. Events not permitted include, but are not limited to, proms, teen dances, concerts, political events or religious services.
  1. Hours: The Environmental Nature Center is available for rent as designated by the agreement and the building must be vacated by time stated. ENC facilities are available until 10:00 P.M.
  1. Required Membership: A membership contribution is required by the renter of the facility; this entitles the renter to full privileges of the Environmental Nature Center membership for a one-year period. This amount is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The membership fee, reservation deposit, and signed contract must be returned before the rental is confirmed. Membership contributions range between $200 and $2,000, depending on the type of event requested.
  1. Registration Form: The ENC Facilities Rental Registration Form in addition to the reservation deposit is required to reserve date.
  1. Reservation Deposit: A non-refundable reservation deposit of 20% is required to book any event and is payable upon submission of Registration Form.
  1. Damage Deposit: A damage deposit of $500 is due four weeks prior to event date.
  1. Description of Facilities: The ENC building contains a large outside patio and two classrooms that can be used separately or combined to create one large room.

Patio: Adjacent to the building is a large patio area that is approximately 1200 sq. ft. and has a capacity for 150 persons seated at tables. This scenic venue offers access to the inside kitchenette, the fire pit and the outside restrooms.

Sycamore Room: The smaller of the two classrooms, the Sycamore Room has access to the inside kitchenette, inside restrooms and can include use of the entire patio space. It is 920 sq. ft. and can legally occupy up to 114 persons.

Oak Room: The larger of the two classrooms, the Oak Room is 1020 sq. ft. and has a legal capacity of 131 persons. This room also has access to our kitchenette, indoor restrooms and patio area if needed.

When the classrooms are combined the total legal capacity is 245 persons. If the outside patio is being used, guests may be free to wander the ENC grounds; however no alcoholic beverages may leave the building and deck area.

Arrangements may be made to use the ENC grounds for specified purposes. Set up and take down of tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc. are the responsibility of the renter.

The kitchenette appliances include a refrigerator, freezer, microwave and sink. It is the responsibility of the renter/caterer to assure that any additional refrigeration receptacles, food warmers or other necessary appliances are provided. Hot and cold beverage dispensers may be rented from the ENC or an outside vendor at an additional cost. The ENC requires the use of “green” cleaning products and will provide required materials for cleanup.

Parking is available in the ENC lot for up to 29 automobiles that include 23 regular spaces, 2 handicap, 2 fuel-efficient and 2 car pool. Also, there are two bus parking spaces. Additional parking is available on the street or for an additional fee special arrangements can be made with parking lots within close proximity. The building and deck area are handicapped accessible however there is limited accessibility to the grounds for wheelchairs.

The ENC has a limited number of tables and chairs available for rent. If necessary, groups must provide additional chairs, tables, etc. through a commercial rental firm. All materials and placement must comply with the Fire Marshall’s rules and regulations. Set-up and take-down need to take place the day of the event. If additional time is needed, arrangements must be made in advance, and may require additional fees.

  1. Vendors and Caterers: The Environmental Nature Center may suggest vendors or catering services. Caterers must provide a certificate of insurance and license. All arrangements for catering services must be made directly between the renter and the caterer and the ENC accepts no responsibility for performance of caterers. The caterer must remove all trash, recyclables and litter from the building immediately after the function and place such trash in the proper receptacle. It is the renter or caterers responsibility to clean the kitchenette after the event (mop floors, clear counters, put furniture back in place) before leaving. A cleaning fee will be deducted from the damage deposit if the kitchenette is not returned to original cleanliness. The caterer must provide sustainable plates, cups and utensils ONLY (re-useable or sustainably made with biodegradable materials). List of vendors and caterers available upon request.

Deliveries and pickups must be arranged in advance with the ENC. Deliveries need to be conducted in a method which does not interfere with the staff, programs or visitors of the ENC.

  1. Use of Alcohol: There is no prohibition against use of alcohol; however, if alcoholic

beverages are to be consumed during the function the use of the ENC’s preferred vendor is a requirement. If alcohol is to be “sold” during the function; a license from the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control is required. Additional fees may apply. Alcohol “last call” will be announced and enforced one half hour prior to the end of any event.

  1. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted on ENC property.
  1. Music: The ENC reserves the right to control the volume of live or recorded music. Amplified sound is permitted only until 10 P.M. and must be contained within ENC property.
  1. Prohibited Items/Practices:

No propane tanks (for heaters/cooking appliances).

No Styrofoam, plastic cups, plates, utensils, disposable water bottles or disposable table coverings.

No articles in the building may be altered or removed without ENC Staff permission.

Balloons, confetti, and tiki torches are not environmentally friendly and cannot be used. Also prohibited are any open flame torches, luminaries, lanterns, sparklers or similar devices. Candles must be LED or battery style, no flame candles allowed.

The release of any live animal including doves, butterflies or similar wildlife is prohibited.

  1. Acceptable Items/Practices:

Tossing celebratory items (sterilized birdseed, bubbles or light colored flower petals) is acceptable. All items must be approved in advance. Any items which may stain floors or decks are prohibited.

The ENC will allow free standing decorations within the area rented. However, decorations must be approved in advance and must be removed upon departure. Decorations cannot be taped, stapled, or nailed into any part of the ENC’s facility.

The ENC Fire Pit is available for use with Deck rentals provided it is maintained solely by ENC Staff. Firewood will be provided by the ENC. Throwing of any objects into the fire, including trash, is prohibited.

  1. Supervision: The renter is responsible for guests during the function. An ENC Staff member will be present for security during the function and will also be available to assist with room preparation before and after the rental. Any guest under the age of 18 must be within line of site of an adult. The ENC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. This includes all rented materials (e. g. tents, tables, chairs, or any other materials rented for personal use).
  1. Liability Release: Renter must sign and return the liability release and provide proof of liability insurance at least two weeks prior to the function.
  1. Charges: Costs vary depending upon event requirements.
  • Membership Fee and non-refundable deposit of 20% must be paid upon booking of event.
  • The final total payment is due 2 weeks prior to the event date.
  • $500 refundable damage deposit is due four weeks prior to the event.

If cancellation occurs less than three weeks prior to the event, only damage deposit will be refunded.

In the highly unlikely event that the ENC would find it necessary to cancel your event after a contract has been signed (i.e. in the event of inclement weather, a facility malfunction or unanticipated major repairs required) we will promptly attempt to reschedule your event or refund all fees paid to date.

The ENC offers a 10% discount to non-profit groups that embrace environmentally sustainable practices.

The ENC has 30 days to determine the condition of the facility and any cleaning fees/ damages incurred before returning your damage deposit. If damages or cleaning fees exceed customary charges for rentals (including additional time required for ENC Staff to clean up the kitchen, trash or other matter), the renter will be charged an additional fee at a rate of $50 per hour or portion thereof which will be deducted from the damage deposit. The renter also agrees to pay any damages or cleaning fees which might exceed the damage deposit. The renter will be invoiced for additional fees which are due within 30 days.


Permission is hereby granted by Environmental Nature Center (ENC) to

_________________________________________ (Permittee) to use the ENC site for ____________________________________________________________________

on ________________, 20_____.

In consideration of the receipt of this permit, Permittee hereby releases ENC from all injury and any liability of any kind arising from Permittee’s use and occupancy of the Environmental Nature Center grounds and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ENC, and their directors, officers, agents or servants against any and all such liability.

In no event shall ENC be liable for any damage or injury to Permittee or any agent or employee of Permittee, or to any person coming upon the premises in connection with the Permittee’s use and occupancy of the premises.

Permittee acknowledges that it shall reimburse ENC for any and all damage that occurs to ENC property as a result of the use and occupancy of the premises by Permittee, its agents or servants, or by any person coming upon the premises in connection with Permittee’s use and occupancy of the premises.

Permittee agrees that the rights and obligations under the permit and this agreement shall inure to and be binding on its successors and assigns.

Permittee grants permission to the ENC and media to use photographs or videos of event for publicity, public relations and/or promotional materials.




By: _____________________________________


Environmental Nature Center


By: ______________________________________

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