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Engage your child’s curiosity at ENC Nature Camp

Research has shown that spending time in nature improves children’s awareness of their actions and surroundings. Advantages of heightened observation skills include being able to pay attention with full awareness, increased powers of description, and factors pertinent to creativity, such as frequency of ideas, innovation, and flexibility of thinking.

Improving their observation skills allows children to “listen” with more than just their ears and make better decisions. It also enhances their ability to interact with others and to respond in an appropriate manner. Being able to observe and gather information about the world is also important because it’s the basis of communicating well.

The ENC has offered Nature Camps since 1977! We provide quality science education in an outdoor setting. Our campers learn while adventuring! ENC Nature Camps emphasize experiential learning. Campers spend time outdoors observing Nature up close. Educational concepts are introduced in a fun environment. Campers make crafts, play games and participate in hands-on activities. For more info and to register visit our website.

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