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Tips for Utilizing Outdoor Venues that are Open (gardens, trails, etc) to Help Educate, Enlighten and Entertain kids

by Lori Whalen, ENC Assistant Director It’s true most outdoor venues seem to be re-opening, so families can go to parks, the beach, hiking, and camping just as they always would have. The ENC is open for Camp (but not to the public), so we’ve developed a list of natural places that are currently open, HERE. Types of outdoor activities families can participate in during this very unique summer: I would recommend doing all of the outdoor things that families would normally enjoy, just taking the precautions to be safe and considerate of others. If another family is passing you on the trail, put your mask on while they pass. Always call ahead because bathrooms might be closed and you’ll want to be prepared for…

Hummingbird Parenting takes Flight at the ENC

by Brittney Gonzalez, ENC Communications Intern. Kids and nature…have you ever felt that your child needs to spend more time outside in nature? You’re not the only one, in fact there are many parents who feel the same way, but don’t know how to go about incorporating nature into their children’s lives. In order to help parents with this issue, some of us at the ENC have partnered up to help share our knowledge on how to spend time with your children outdoors. Some of our most talented people will be leading these classes for you. Our Director Bo Glover, and our Preschool Director, Sue Bierlich, are so excited to meet everyone and share great ways to keep your children active in nature. We will…

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