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Camper Spotlight: Benjamin Abrams

by Melissa Pepper, ENC Communications Intern

The Abrams family are frequent visitors to the ENC and its trails.  They had been members for quite some time, but began attending more frequently when their son, Benjamin Abrams, was born.   They find peace in the escape the center brings. In fact, it is the location where Benjamin took his first steps as a baby.

“We would spend hours inside enjoying the smells, looking at the displays and learning” said Mrs. Abrams. “Your naturalist has been an endless help to Ben over the years for ALL his questions about nature, science, and of course native California plants.”

The family has immersed themselves with all the activities and events the ENC has to offer.  Mrs. Abrams said that their family loves the waterfalls, smells, and displays.  Ben has even become an active gardener and uses what he learned from the ENC to build and help his garden flourish. He attempts to attend every native plant sale to continue growing his garden.

“The wildlife, the wind through the trees, the water, the birds, it truly is a magical place,” said Mrs. Abrams.  “All you have to do is stop and breathe in, and nature surrounds you.  It’s perfect.  And the fact that there is ALWAYS someone there to educate you, fill you in with facts, is just astounding to me.”

Attending Session One of Science Explorer Camp, located at the Back Bay Science Center, Benjamin Abrams helped the week run smoothly and brought enthusiasm, knowledge, and fun to the camp.  The week’s theme was “Tidepool Discovery” and included activities such as experiencing the touch tank, canoeing, using mud-grabbers and plankton towing, and adventuring through the upper Newport Back Bay.

“I signed up for science and nature camp at the ENC because I wanted to learn more about the wildlife around me” said Ben.  “Every time I go to the ENC, not only the science camp, I learn more about the world around me and why we need to protect it!”

Mrs Abrams signed Ben up for the camp for the science, nature, and hands-on learning experience he would have. She believed that with the class size, the content, and the passionate instructors, the campers would have an amazing time.

“Everyday Ben came home sprouting new information from what he had learned that day at camp,” said Mrs. Abrams.  “It was impressive, all that he had learned.  He was joyous with this new knowledge and so proud of himself, and in love with learning like I haven’t seen in a long time.”

The first day of camp, the science explorers created their rules for the week and even found themselves going beyond their rules by picking up trash in every location they were in throughout the week.  The rules of the week were as followed: Respect nature, no hurting wildlife, pay attention, communicate when you need things like going to the restroom, no talking when others are talking, and have fun.

As a camper, Ben went above and beyond with following the rules, participating, and showing enthusiasm with the lessons. He was more than willing to share his knowledge with the other campers and well as share tools and participate in activities. Outside of the Science Explorers Camp, Ben also excels in science and in other areas in school.

“My favorite parts of the camp was all the fun games we played, and how we got to learn about something and then look at the living version of it or experience what we were learning,” said Ben.  “I learned that nature can be fun and exciting.”

“I have already recommended this camp and the ENC to everyone I know,” said Mrs. Abrams.  “The ENC does an outstanding job, and this camp knocked it out of the park!  Truly outstanding!”

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