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Bring out your inner child!

by Brittney Gonzalez, ENC Communications Intern

Did you ever go to any sort of camp, whether it was summer camp, winter camp, etc. as a child? It might be time for a “camp revival” says Richard Louve, Co-founder of Children & Nature Network. There are children who are missing out on nature, and getting too caught up with media, or studying in school books most of the time. Not only do children deserve the chance to be immersed in nature and take a break from being in the classroom, but adults should also be given the chance to be immersed into nature. There are many adults who get so caught up in the office at work, they forget to catch a break from the office and enjoy nature.

There are now adult nature camps, and I think there should be more. When given vacation time, nature should be where many people should spend it. The effects nature has on children (like helping combat depression, stress relief and increase healing time), are the same for adults. Imagine what life would be like if more adults used their vacation days  in the natural world camping or hiking? Since many studies have shown spending time in nature is stress relieving, the amount of adults that would be in better moods and less anxious to get from Point A to Point B would be astounding.

Think back to childhood…what was one of your favorite memories over a school break? More likely than not it would be a memory outdoors. I know my favorite memories were developed while I was outdoors. Why not continue the outdoor memories, and go to the beach, or lay in the hammock in the backyard and just read a book. There are plenty of cost effective activities to take part in on your own or with your family in order to immerse yourself in nature.

We hope you can plan a trip to a Natural area with your family (or alone!) soon. We also welcome you to join us at the Environmental Nature Center to experience the same stress relieving effects, right here in your community.

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