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Featured ENC Artisan Marketplace Artist: Moore Damm Art

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Moore Damm Art is a partnership between artist, Dede Dammann and business manager, Amy Moore. Not only is it a play on words but also a belief that this is, “just what the world needs…”

Dede has been prolific for her entire life producing a variety of paintings, hand embroidered jeans, paper mache, tie-dye, pen and ink drawings, and more. Her friends have been the recipients of most of her works. Each year, she spends her time producing a handmade Christmas project for all her family and friends, often producing 60 or 70 pieces. These pieces are still cherished years later with her friends continuing to wear tie-dyed aprons, using wire and stone napkin holders, and drinking from hand painted wine glasses.

Following several years of poor health as a result of a cancerous tumor, a resulting neurological disorder and a layoff from her corporate day job, Dede decided that 2014 was the year to finally take her efforts to the next level. This is where Amy gave her the push she needed to begin selling her art. Dede now works longer hours than ever before, producing new art every day. And, she loves every minute of it. Meanwhile, Amy enjoys putting her business experience and MBA from Chapman University to work on a more personal level.

So again, Amy and Dede believe that Moore Damm Art is just what the world needs. They have set out on this adventure to provide their flavor of whimsical, colorful, and happy art into homes everywhere.

Come check out Dede and Amy’s art on their website, www.mooredammart.com and at the ENC Artisan Marketplace on December 7!  Read more about it HERE.

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