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Meditation at the ENC

meditationWe live in the age of hard workers; many of us conduct our weekday labor with stress as we support our families and ourselves. At the end of the week, many of us deserve a bit of spiritual rejuvenation while being surrounded by nature, and there’s no better way to achieve that than with some morning meditation at the Environmental Nature Center!

Meditation has proven to be a great way to cleanse spiritual ailments, explore our surroundings, and reclaim our individual selves that we tend to misplace during the hustle and bustle of daily life. It offers a chance for us to ground ourselves and be present in the now.

Join us with special guest Vicki James, an amazing meditation practitioner with six years of experience, on a refreshing journey of the mind. Soak up all of the positive energy that the ENC has to offer. Meet with us on March 14th at 8:30 am and find your inner strength! Sign up HERE. – Nathan Serafin, ENC Communications Intern

About the Instructor:

Vicki James is an instructor at Infinite You Meditation Studio.

Vicki James

Vicki James

Vicki was born in California but raised in Philadelphia.  After working 5 years as a teacher in NYC, Vicki traveled for 3 years through North Africa, Europe and Israel.  Wanting to continue learning about cultures around the world, she settled in Mexico for 10 years where she taught in the federal schools as well as the Tecnologico de Monterrey.

In 1983 Vicki settled in her ‘home’ state of California and became a school administrator for the Orange Unified School District, coordinating the Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Education and later serving as a School Principal.

In 2005, her daughter-law-was diagnosed with cancer and Vicki decided it was time to pursue her interest in meditation.  She chose to attend the Chopra Center in Carlsbad and became a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation teacher in 2009.  The benefits of  meditation extend well beyond the time spent meditating, and Vicki enjoys sharing this journey with others.

Vicki is fluent in Spanish and all things meditation!

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