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Featured Artist Kirsten Maeda gets creative with her Daughters!

May 2014 Butterfly structure grp picAs long as I can I remember I have always loved the arts. I grew up in a creative family and was especially inspired by my creative mom and grandmother, so creating and designing have always been a natural talent and love of mine.

Now to be collaborating and working on creative projects with my daughters is one of my greatest joys! We love to visit art museums, beautiful gardens, or just experience nature at the beach.   My girls and I love to create art that draws upon our passions for Lupus awareness (the butterfly is a symbol of hope for Lupus patients), the environment, and past experiences living in Hawaii, New York & Connecticut. We can often be found with paints, fabrics, and any and all art supplies creating art together!

The latest project that I helped spearhead was completed earlier this year at my daughters’ elementary school — an outdoor butterfly tile art mural project with over 300 tiles, incorporating Lupus education and awareness.  The mural was placed over the new butterfly garden at our school. Our family is looking forward to participating in the upcoming ENC Artisans Marketplace on December 7, where we can be found right next to the “Butterfly House”.

Kirsten G. Maeda is an artist, Lupus Advocate, and Irvine Lupus Support Group leader. She is mom to three young, creative daughters.

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