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Full Moon Walk at the ENC

fullmoonFormed by a fiery planetary explosion roughly 400 billion years ago, the moon has been a beacon of light and comfort since the dawn of humankind. It has been everything from a God to a compass, and it is the only cosmic body human beings have visited.

So come on out to the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach on February 22 at 6 p.m. for our annual Full Moon Walk (Michael Jackson fans may notice the play on words used here)! Join ENC naturalist Leslie Helliwell to learn some fascinating facts about the Full Moon and the mysterious legends that earthlings have associated with it since ancient times.

This program is for humans age 6 and up.  Cost is $6 per participant and $5 for members. And don’t be surprised if you hear any howling on the walk because you know what they say about full moons and werewolves! Registration for the event is HERE.Alejandro Reynono, ENC Communications Intern

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