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ENC Spring Faire 2012 Featured Artists – Cynthia Gallagher

Cynthia ”Sunny “ Gallagher is a fifth generation Californian. The use natural clay in her art reflects this deep connection and love for the natural California environment.

Clay is a renewable resource created as rock decomposes and is found in great abundance in California.

Party-Keepers are hand made from low fire earthenware.

The inspiration for her eco-friendly Party-Keepers is based on her love of family parties. Even as a child she loved to add a special garden feel to the celebration.

The idea behind Party-Keepers is to sustain meaningful connections. With the impersonal nature of e-mail and e-cards , making special events more personal is increasingly important.

A core principle of her business OC Garden Party is creating eco-friendly products worthy of being enjoyed long term.


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