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Calling all Artisans!

Artisan MarketplaceDo you create something? Food? Handmade goods? Fine art? Music? Consider being a vendor at the ENC’s Artisan Marketplace on December 7, 2014!

This holiday season the ENC is holding the Artisan Marketplace, where guests can walk the trails to shop for handmade gifts from local artisans offering a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable products. The ENC created this event to give the community a chance to support local artisans.

“Local businesses are the heart of the community. The money we spend shopping at local ma and pa places gets recirculated back into our community, thus building a strong, economic infrastructure. It also lowers carbon emissions and provides more employment for the community. Local businesses are most invested in the future of the community, but big corporations pump money out of the local economy and outsource it elsewhere,” said ENC Outreach Coordinator Sama Wareh.

“The ENC’s mission is to provide quality education through hands-on experience with nature,”  added Sama.  “The Artisan Marketplace will be an educational, as well as fun hands-on shopping experience. By having local and sustainable artisans we are fulfilling our mission and offering a better, greener shopping experience.”

Visit our website for more info on how to become a vendor!  For more information on the Artisan Marketplace, click HERE.

 – Jeff Garrett, ENC Intern

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