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Birds of Prey visit the Environmental Nature Center!

The Summer Nature Campers at the Environmental Nature Center enjoyed a presentation on Birds of Prey today! Campers flocked to see the birds Naturalist Sama Wareh had to show them. They were introduced to the Burrowing Owl, and learned how they hunt with their talons, how they hear their prey’s heartbeat, and live in holes in the ground. One lucky camper even had a starring contest with an owl! Campers also met a Western Screech Owl,  an American Kestrel, and a Great Horned Owl. Campers got an up close view of each bird and were able to see what adaptations make these birds such great hunters. Later, Sama took out a Red Tailed Hawk! The red tailed hawk is an amazing bird, with telescopic eyes able to find a mouse across a football field. Campers even got a quick lesson on the dangers of chemicals and their affect on birds. The campers had a great time and took away valuable information to help protect wildlife. – Will Rogers, ENC Intern

To see more images of the presentation, click HERE.

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