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Artisan Spotlight: Conscientious Clothing

Conscientious Clothing is a socially and environmentally conscious brand hoping to inspire people to do the right thing. Handmade in the USA, Conscientious Clothing is bringing awareness to social and global issues. Helping causes close to their hearts is their mission and saving animals is their ultimate goal.

Conscientious Clothing is committed to sustainability. They only source materials made in the USA. They use water-based inks and use printers that are eco-friendly. Their shirts are designed to help animals. The design is composed of twenty-six endangered species that are roaming on the land. Some are endangered and some are critically endangered. Each garment is produced in Los Angeles, California with a unique design and message.

It all started with an idea to save the environment and bring awareness to animals in 2007. Franceil Masi, a veteran teacher with LAUSD, has been teaching her students every year to be more conscientious about the environment and social issues. She has them walk around her classroom with plastic bottles strewn on the floor because she wants them to understand what turtles go through in the ocean.  Then she collects the bottles each year and plants trees with the recycling money. Franceil teaches that to be conscientious is wishing to do what is right. She puts her efforts into her clothing and messages. She makes sure her lifestyle is reflected in her business model. Franceil is also unveiling a new book geared for ages eight and up, called “Empty Ocean”. Please check out her website http://www.beconscientious.com/ and be sure to stop by her booth at the Artisan Marketplace on December 5! More info HERE.

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