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Artisan Sneak Peak: Raynie Hoole

1-IMG_0010-001RAYNIE HOOLE, native Californian, lives in Laguna Hills. Her focus is ceramics and likes making functional pieces, primarily cups, plates and bowls to be used for serving and eating food.  Also, she makes pots to use in the garden.   She wants to create something mundane yet beautiful, something to enjoy while using everyday. 

Raynie Hoole and 49 other talented artisans will be featured at the ENC’s Artisan Marketplace this Sunday on December 6, from 10 am – 3 pm ♥  $2 entry fee. The holidays are here and you have a chance be a positive part of the local economy! Visit the Environmental Nature Center and walk the trails to shop for handmade gifts from local artisans offering a variety of eco-friendly, sustainable, arts and crafts.  Your friends and family will love that you cared enough about them to think about their planet when you purchased their unique gift.  You’ll love spending the day in Nature instead of a shopping mall! $2 entry fee goes directly to our environmental education programs. More info HERE.

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