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Girl Scout Programs

Our Girl Scout programs have been developed to satisfy the requirements of the Girl Scout Council of the United States. Except where noted, all programs are available year round. Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How long are your scout programs? most last 1.5 hours.

How much do your scout programs cost? Most cost $6.50 per participant. Minimum fee for most programs: $55. No fee for adults.

Can I purchase the patch there? Petals and badges are not available for purchase except where noted. We have ENC patches for sale in our gift shop.

How do I schedule?

1. Read the information on this page and decide on a program you’d like to do.

2. Check your calendar and the calendars of everyone else who will be coming BEFORE scheduling to avoid unnecessary rescheduling. Have a few preferred dates chosen. We prefer to schedule programs at least 2 months in advance. Please read our cancellation policy.

3. Please have only ONE person from your troop call (949) 645-8489,  email us, or complete the online form below (scroll to the end of the page). When multiple people contact us on behalf of a troop there are frequently misscommunications. 🙂

Can we bring siblings and parents? In order for the scouts to have the best scouting experience it is ideal for them to spend time together as a troop w/o their siblings and parents – with just a leader and co-leader as chaperones. That said, if parents and siblings want to attend that is fine.  If siblings participate then we just ask that you pay for them.  The maximum number of children we can accommodate in a group is 20.

Will the program complete the entire Journey? No. When the Journeys came out ENC staff read though the books and created 1.5 hour programs that are an overview of select Journeys, which are meant to be accomplished through the school year. We chose to include activities mentioned in the Journey books that we are good at doing, that we ENJOY doing, and which may be more difficult for leaders to accomplish without a Nature Center at their disposal.

Girl Scout Daisy Programs

Daisy Flower Garden Journey

On a flower hike through the nature center, Daisies discover what it would be like to be a plant, search for flowers and their special pollinators and even taste a sample of what bees make using nectar. Using our compost-learning center, scouts will make their very own fertile soil, which will be helpful in growing a native plant for their very own backyard!

Daisy Between Earth and Sky Journey

With their native plant passport in hand, Daisies will embark on a road trip hike through the ENC using all five senses as they travel through the plant communities of California. Along the trail they will learn basic compass skills and play a game to learn Leave No Trace ethics. They will discover a very important trip that our feathered friends take and then create habitat for our native creatures by removing invasive plants and spreading native seeds.

Daisy 3 Cheers for Animals Journey

Hop, jump, crawl and slither along with our many animal friends in this creature-featured journey! Find out what animals need in their homes, and how they communicate. Hear some animal legends and even come up with one of your own. Learn about some flying animals by visiting our butterfly house (in season) and by discovering some real bird nests and eggs. We’ll finish our adventure with the creation of an origami creature of your very own. Also available as a Traveling Naturalist program


Girl Scout Brownie Programs

Brownies Wonders of Water Journey

70% of the Earth is covered by water. That’s wonderful! On a hike through the Center, Brownies will learn about the water cycle, become a drop of water, and experience the perils of pollution in a story about a fish named Freddy. In a taste test, scouts discover if bottled water is really better than tap. They make a rainbow out of water and sunlight, and then paint their own rainbows using watercolors. Scouts test their water wisdom in a fun game of Water Jeopardy!

Brownie Hiker Activity Badge From the Wonders of Water Journey

Get ready for adventure! During a hike through the ENC, Brownie’s will learn everything they need to know to go to the back of beyond! They will set up trail signs and lead the way and find out which essentials are the most essential. Scouts will discuss appropriate snacks to bring along to provide tons of energy for our hike through the ENC. Using their imaginations, Brownies will discover if they have what it takes to get through an unplanned night in the woods. Through a senses hike, your scouts will learn that no hike is complete without all five senses. Troop provides their own trail mix items.

Brownie Bugs Legacy Badge

Turn that “EW!” into a “WOW!” Bugs are amazing and they do so much for this planet we call home. Bring your scouts to the ENC to discover these little creatures in action. Brownies will get up close and personal with some six and eight legged arthropod friends through a fun drawing about metamorphosis and a very groovy tie-dyed butterfly craft. On a hike through the center, scouts will use scientific tools to explore bug homes. They will visit our butterfly house (in season).  After observing some bugs in the wild, we’ll meet some of the ENC’s very own live beloved bug pets. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to bugs! Also available as a Traveling Naturalist program.

Girl Scout Junior Programs

Juniors Get Moving Journey

People use energy every day and sometimes don’t even realize it. Energy makes the world go ‘round! In this electrifying program, your scouts will search the ENC’s green building for energy using items and discover ways that they can use less electricity and other resources every day. In an eye-opening activity, scouts will learn what actually happens in a landfill and make beads out of recycled paper to help make our landfills smaller. A round of Energy Expert Jeopardy is followed by a pledge to use less energy in our every day lives.

Juniors Animal Habitats Activity Badge From the Amuse Journey

Have you ever wanted to meet a snake? How about a toad or a crawdad? Come to the ENC and see these animals living and playing in their homes that we call habitats! Your scouts will observe and touch some live animal friends and discover their adaptations and how animal features match their habitat, whether it be fur, scales, paws or claws. Juniors will play a game to learn about habitat loss and discuss some ways to prevent it. Habitats can become endangered too and even YOU can make a difference! They will visit our butterfly house (in season). For an extra $1 per scout, the program can be extended for an extra ½ hour to include weed pulling to help protect animal habitats.

Juniors Flowers Legacy Badge

There’s more to flowers than just beauty! Without them, plants could not make seeds and new plants would not grow. Plants are vital to our amazing planet Earth and every living thing on it, so thank you flowers! Bring your Juniors to the ENC and unlock the secrets of flowers. Your scouts will go on a flower hunt and get up close and personal while stopping and smelling the flowers in a fun scent game. Girls will discover the power of flowers by going on a native plant hike and tasting native flowers in tea. Since picking flowers takes habitat away from animals, your scouts will make Mexican tissue paper flower bouquets to take home.

Cadette Program


Cadette “Trees” Legacy Badge

Based on the “Trees” Legacy Badge from the Cadette “Breathe” Journey!  On a hike through the Nature Center, Scouts get to know at least five trees native to Orange County, and learn which have edible nuts and fruit.  They will find out how trees help the environment and people.  Scouts learn the parts of a tree – from the xylem to the phloem. They choose between three creative projects (leaf rubbing/sketching journal, poet-tree, or “interview a tree”).  They take a break in the Nature Center’s beautiful outdoor amphitheater to debate logging, then plant a tree to take home (from seed or cutting). Optional:  Scouts may tend trees in the Center (by removing non-native plants around them, or watering recently planted trees).  This would add a ½ hour to the program & cost an additional $2/scout. The program is 2 hours and costs $8/scout.


Additional Brownie & Junior Programs


Available May through mid-October.Butterflies are more than just beautiful! Come to the ENC and visit our native butterfly house to observe live butterflies in action. On a hike through the center, scouts will discover miraculous metamorphosis and learn that a butterfly’s anatomy is much different than our own. Girls will create butterfly artwork to bring their knowledge home and even create their own species of tie-dyed butterfly. Patches are available for $2/each.

Native American

This program focuses on the Indigenous people of Orange County – the Tongva (Gabrielino) and Acjachemen (Juaneño). On a hike through the nature center, scouts will learn what California was like 500 years ago and play a game to discover that we use Native American words every day. Girls will play instruments and listen to authentic Native American music and play games that Tongva children played hundreds of years ago. Scouts will even get to create their own game to bring home. Patches are available for $2/each. Also available as a Traveling Naturalist program

Cancellation Policy:

If cancellations occur at least two weeks before the program, no fees apply. If cancellations occur within two weeks before the date of the program, the minimum fee for the scheduled program will be charged. Fees do not apply if cancellations occur due to inclement weather.

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