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Adult Programs

The ENC offers programs geared towards adults who want to learn more about their natural world.

Presentations are appropriate for any adult audience, including service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions), gardening clubs, college classes, professional organizations, homeowners associations and non-profits.  Consider scheduling your next retreat at the ENC! To schedule any of the ENC’s Adult Programs listed below, please call 949-645-8489 or email us. After attending a program, please take our brief survey.  Additional programs are listed in the Events calendar.  Select the links below to view details about each program.  Our adult Traveling Naturalist is available to teach these programs at your location, as well!   

Workshops & Tours

Join ENC Executive Director Bo Glover for a tour of the Environmental Nature Center. The 3.5 acre Nature Center is a fascinating combination of 15 California native plant communities (ranging from a desert, to an oak woodland, to a fresh water marsh), wildlife habitats and walking trails. For over 40 years, the ENC has been shaped and caressed into a landscape for learning, a sanctuary from life’s pressures and a place of preservation and instruction. Participants visit our green building to learn the history of the Center, and walk the trails past seasonal blooms, along a peaceful stream and under the shady canopy of majestic redwood trees. $50 donation or more if desired. Lunch provided for an additional charge.

2 hours. Want to learn about some of California’s amazing native plants and animals? What better way than by photographing them in their native habitats? Participants will learn how to photograph a variety of native plants and animals in a number of settings. Bring your camera! Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

2 hours. ‘Wait! Don’t throw that used gift card away! Stop! Save that junk mail for me!’ These are just a few new phrases you might be adding to your everyday lingo after taking this fun upcycled art workshop. Create beautiful pieces out of recycled and discarded materials. All materials provided, but bring your own if you like! Tuition: $13/adult ($200 minimum).

Lecture Series

Join us for a tour of the ENC’s LEED Platinum Green Building. Tours begin with a short presentation describing the green building techniques that went into development of the ENC’s new building and the reasons behind the incorporation of each green feature. Participants learn about ways to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient and how they can incorporate renewable energy. Your group will also enjoy a behind the scenes tour of the ENC – inside and out – to see the sustainable features and materials. Tours cost $50 per group, and last approximately 1.5 hours.

45 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions. The CLIMATE REALITY presentation helps us understand our roles as humans in taking positive action for improving the way we interact and use our world’s resources. This presentation by Michael Winters, CEO of Water Solutions For Life, stimulates action-oriented dialog to empower real, local action.Droughts, floods, heat waves, insect outbreaks, wildfires, and sea level rise – we are encountering the reality of our changing climate every day. This latest presentation developed by Al Gore and the Climate Reality project highlight the extreme weather events of the past couple years and connects their increased frequency and intensity to anthropogenic climate change. The majority of the worlds’ scientists agree that burning of fossil fuels is changing the climate. There are those who would like to plant the seed of doubt about this reality. This new presentation will use scientific data to debunk the myths and misinformation being presented. Solutions are the final piece of the presentation; hopefully leaving everybody with the hope and inspiration that together we can turn the situation around and leave a better planet for future generations. Assemblies, $285/1st assembly (up to 150 students) $100 for each assembly thereafter on the same day.

1 hour. Join US for an informative presentation all about butterflies. Learn about metamorphosis, and what makes butterflies different from moths. Find out about locally endangered butterflies and what is threatening them. Cost is $100 per group.

Learn about  landscape quality locally native plants that provide habitat for butterflies in your garden. 1 hour. $100.

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