Winter Camps at the Environmental Nature Center

Campfire_smallEducational outdoor fun for campers in K – 6th grade

Week 1:  December 21, 22, & 23, 2015. FULL

Week 2:  December 28, 29, & 30, 2015. FULL

Full Day Camp: 9AM – 3PM. Fee: $199
Half Day Camp: 9AM – 1PM. Fee: $135
10% discount for members!

Each day, campers (divided into small groups by age) will rotate between our fabulous Camp Teachers, where they will participate in exciting, age appropriate hands-on activities.

Read the Nature Camp Newsletter prior to your first day of camp!

Questions?  Call 949-645-8489 ext. 103

Withdrawal: Any time up to 2 weeks before the start of a session: $25 processing fee, balance refunded. 1-2 weeks notice: 50% refund. Less than 1 week notice: NO REFUND.

Week 1 themes:

Creative Nature Odyssey

Join us to have a fun time creating wonderful crafts, and engaging in scientific explorations, while learning about the natural connections between animals, plants and us.   This session is filled with hands-on activities, creative thinking and total immersion in nature.  Let’s the adventure begin!

Nature Games

Campers will invent their own games as well as hike and discover the world around them. Live animals and video will be brought in to demonstrate the various ecosystems within the ENC.

Nature Play

Campers will be given the freedom to explore, imagine, and make up their own fun. They will be given boundaries, a few supplies, a set of ground rules, and supervision. Campers may decide to create rock towers, or build stick-and-leaf boats and forts. Materials will be available for campers to draw, paint, and play games in the outdoors.

Week 2 themes:

Wonderful Wildlife

Campers will join camp teacher Lindzy in learning about the diversity of wildlife in various climates of the world. Hands-on activities, stories, explorations, crafts, and games will allow for the campers to develop a deep understanding of the importance of taking care of wildlife and the ecosystem in which they live.

Natural Science!

Play with science, play with nature! Kids will learn about natural processes that allow life to work here on Earth through simple and fun activities done in our beautiful nature center.

Lady bugs, Lizards and Legos!

Search and find for creepy crawlers, build your own bug city! Observe and discover live lizards, unearth ancient ones from long ago, and make your own dinosaur egg fossils! Use Legos to discover and build! Students will engineer their own bugs and lizards from Legos! We will even get the chance to program some of them to move!