Presidents Week Camp at the Environmental Nature Center

Educational outdoor fun for campers in K – 6th grade


February 16 – 19, 2015

Full Day Camp: 9AM – 3PM. Fee: $265

Half Day Camp: 9AM – 1PM. Fee: $180

10% discount for members!

Each day, campers (divided into small groups by age) will rotate between three fabulous Camp Teachers, where they will participate in exciting, age appropriate hands-on activities.

Read the Nature Camp Newsletter prior to your first day of camp! 
Questions?  Call 949-645-8489 ext. 103

Registration:  Complete the online registration HERE.


2015 themes:

Native American Adventure

Campers travel back in time to learn about the tools, trade, and customs of the native people of California. See, touch, and smell the plants used centuries ago by Native Americans. Make string out of plants, and find out how Native Americans used mysterious artifacts. Learn to weave, listen to stories, make masks, and perform music using authentic Native American instruments. Campers will even make “money” using pump drills, and create a necklace to keep or give away!

Nature Play

Campers will be given the freedom to explore, imagine, and make up their own fun.  They will be given boundaries, a few supplies, a set of ground rules, and supervision.  Campers may decide to create rock towers, or build stick-and-leaf boats and forts.  Materials will be available for campers to draw, paint, make tassels, and play board games.  They will be able to talk, laugh and have a good time!

Cool Critters

Each day Campers will explore the Nature Center in search of animal evidence. Armed with binoculars and magnifying lenses, children will observe birds and other wildlife in different habitats. Using nature and our educational animals as inspiration – and a variety of drawing and painting techniques – kids will spend time getting creative in the outdoors. We will close each day by stretching, balancing, and relaxing with an animal themed yoga pose.

Survival Games (Full day only)

Each day, campers will learn one new survival skill and then break up into two teams to compete in the “Survival Games”. Different scenarios will be laid out for them and they have to collectively decide on the best choice in each scenario. On day 4, campers will earn their very own survival kit they construct from various materials.

Camp Craftsmanship (Full day)

Campers will get to experiment with not so ordinary objects to create new inventions, craft new projects, and refurbish not so new furnishings!


Any time up to 2 weeks before the start of a session: $25 processing fee, balance refunded. 1-2 weeks notice: 50% refund. Less than 1 week notice: NO REFUND.