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Teachers Night Out at the ENC: Native American Exploration, Cross-Curricular Connections

Event Phone: 949-645-8489 ext. 103

  • October 19, 2017
    12:00 am - 3:00 am

Teachers Night Out_OctoberThe Teachers Night Out series brings all kinds of educators together for fun afternoons of learning exciting hands-on ways to teach children about science and nature. Everyone is invited! Classroom teachers, outdoor educators, scout leaders, homeschool parents – anyone who wants to be a better educator.

Cultural educator Craig Torres (Tongva) will join us to discuss cultural sensitivity when teaching about local Native Americans, as well as classroom exercises in showing students how to “Refocus Your Cultural Lens” by rethinking, re-imagining and redefining, words such as “Wilderness” and “Natural Resources” and the colonial mindset/disconnection imbued in them. He will also discuss the importance of preserving and “re-negotiating” our reciprocal relationships with “the NATURE” (native flora/fauna, habitats, landscapes and we humyn beings) for future generations. He will also share a number of resources curated specifically for teachers.
Craig also has some new “R’s” to tell us about:
Recognize (the indigenous (land, rock/stone, plants, animals, humans) of wherever one calls home)
Respect (The bio-diversity and the thousands of generations of how they have evolved together)
Responsibility (what are YOU doing to ensure the continuation of “native” species)

Along the trail, ENC staff will make some cross-curricular connections that you can take back to the classroom and share with your students.

With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a great time to prepare some lessons related to California’s Native Americans. This program is targeted toward 3rd and 4th grade teachers, but teachers of all grade levels are invited.

Afterwards we’ll enjoy a light meal together and share some wine by the campfire before breaking out the marshmallows and skewers to make some s’mores!

“We humyn BEINGS are a part of NATURE, not separate from it.” – Craig Torres
“Nature has always been our FIRST teacher, the landscape, from the beginning, was imbued with “gifts”, knowledge, and archetypes that enabled humyns to exist, for thousands of generations, guided by a protocol and etiquette of reciprocity.” – Craig Torres
“When we remove ourselves from NATURE, we become Un-NATURE-al.” – Craig Torres




Venue Phone: 949-645-8489

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1601 E. 16th Street, Newport Beach, California, 92663

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