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ENC Winter Camps

After a break in the rain, the kids took to the trails to Explore the Earth!

Mushrooms love the rain, and so do we!

This phoebe rests in between bites of (gnats) to eat.

Along the trail we saw the claw of a crayfish by the stream!

Back inside we made snowpeople out of TP rolls and egg cartons. Recycling is FUN!

In Native Skills we learned how to find water. Mark shows campers how to harvest rainwater from a puddle using a t-shirt. You also have to boil it and let the sediment settle, of course!

A depression in stone is another good place to find water. Mark shows campers how to harvest dew that has accumulated on a plant.

The campers learned how to collect water from the stream using a t-shirt.

The kids probably enjoyed “hide and seek” the most. Here they are at the far end of the Nature Center. I’m guessing they’ll dress in camouflage tomorrow!

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