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Earth Connections at the Environmental Nature Center

5th Grade students learn about the water cycle and water conservation in our new building.  They see our dual flush toilets and storm water management system.  No water leaves the site!
Boy has this rug come in handy!  We would be grateful to anyone who would like donate funds for a second one for our other classroom (about $700).
This plastic bag shows students this Toyon plant’s transpiration.
Mr. Dan discusses ways water gets cleaned and polluted.
Students play a game to broaden their awareness of ways water can be polluted and cleaned.

5th grade students learn about classification by using a key to identify intertidal organisms.

Meghan helps students key out a critter.

Mr. Dan discusses the results of aquatic testing at our Marsh.
Taking the water temperature. Many biotic organisms are not adapted to live where it is too hot or too cold!

A control.  Testing our salinity meter to make sure it works using “ocean water.”
Observing biotic organisms from the Marsh under a microscope.
Jeanine helps a student determine the water’s clarity.

Call 949-645-8489 to schedule a program for your school!  The ENC teaches outdoor environmental education programs to students in K – 7th grade – all aimed at covering state science and social science standards.  www.encenter.org
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