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Lola intern

By Lola Olvera, ENC Communications Intern Sixteen weeks ago I first set foot on the soil of the Environmental Nature Center in a pair of decidedly non-non-skid black flats (not recommended as, eventually, you may slip and fall pathetically after venturing out on the trails on your own). I was there to interview for a communications internship with Communications Director Lori Whalen. I can’t remember what I had been doing poking around a Berkley internship webpage or why an environmental nature center intrigued me, someone who still had to Google whether certain things were recycled and couldn’t tell one suburban bird from another. But the sudden enveloping peacefulness of the trails and Lori’s unwavering enthusiasm in everything kinda sealed the deal. In terms of the…

Invasive plants… whats the big deal?

#Volunteering communicates to others that you are ambitious, enthusiastic and care about the community. #EnvironmentalNatureCenter #Volunteer #ThisiswhatCommunitylookslike

A group of local students recently asked us some questions about invasive species in Orange County, specifically mustard. Our Horticulture Manager Michael Viramontes was kind enough to answer them, and his answers are so great that we thought we’d share them with YOU! What the most detrimental effects of invasive species? What makes invasive species so detrimental are their ability to take over native habitat and decrease the cover of native species. Invasive species usually have a large amount of seeds per plant and have high percentage of seed viability. Also, invasive species are effective at getting to the stage of seed production even in degraded landscapes. They can do this by taking up all the resources in the short period that they are available (i.e….

ENC Animal Care Intern accepted to Zoology Program

chelsea animal care intern 2

By Lola Olvera, ENC Communications Intern According to online blog Fear Of, ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, is the second most common zoophobia, affecting almost a third of all adults. 17-year-old Vivar will not be one of them. As an animal care intern for the Environmental Nature Center, it’s her job and her joy to tend to the center’s three snakes, not to mention their tarantula – the most common zoophobia – rabbits, salamander, bearded dragon, toads and other critters. “I believe some people have a fear of animals… possibly because of a not so pleasant experience they had in the past or they are just afraid because the animals might be venomous or could bite,” says Vivar. “I was afraid of spiders and I…

What I (really) Learned at the ENC


Last day, last blog! Today is my last day of summer interning at the ENC! Although short, it has been such a rewarding and eye-opening learning experience. I came into this summer knowing that -at the very least- I would get to understand how an environmental nonprofit is run. Now that I am finished, I can see how I have learned so much more. On the outside, I was just the blog-writing, media-posting, event- publicizing intern. But besides that, I was developing effective administration and communication skills. I’ve learned about the major planning that goes into an event, the importance of nonprofit and community partners working together, and the behind-the-scenes work that makes a nature center run smoothly. Honestly, there is no way college would…

Welcome Back to High School! Ready to Volunteer?


Calling all high schoolers! The ENC is accepting applications for Winter Camp 2016-2017 “Leaders in Training”! Leaders in Training, or LITs, are high school students that help with kids’ Nature Camps during school breaks. If you are a high school student that is looking for a volunteer opportunity, loves nature, or hopes to build a resume, then this is the perfect option! LITs get to have an amazing experience, as well as positively influence kids! While the campers grow in their nature knowledge, the LITs grow in their leadership, childcare, and teaching skills! LITs lead kids in all kinds of science and nature activities, crafts, and hikes. Abby Flores, a past LIT, says that through this experience, she has learned a lot about science, nature,…

Intern Spotlight: Meet Nhi!


By Alexandria Raeann Choy, ENC Communications Intern Meet the ENC’s newest Grounds Keeper and Composting Intern, Nhi! This coming fall, she will be a senior at La Quinta High School. Nhi’s passion for the environment and nature began in 6th grade. She became intrigued by the way “everything was interconnected, even in the most unexpected ways”. Ecology field trips, exciting hands-on labs, and an AP Environmental Science class furthered this interest. And now, she is interning here at the ENC! Nhi is especially excited to be the Grounds Keeper and Composting Intern, because of its emphasis on botany. She views botany as “one of those fields that goes in-depth on things that people tend to overlook, and accentuates how the world is composed of more…

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