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Wish List

There are so many ways to help the ENC provide quality education through hands-on experience with Nature.  You can donate, or volunteer… but there are times when we can also put your old stuff to good use!  Here is our current wish list. Feel free to drop any of these items off during our open hours. Know that if you donate items not on this list (i.e. TP rolls) they will be recycled. Thank you!

  1. 10 x 10 canopies (requested by Ali)
  2. Chocolate, organic & dark (requested by Lori)
  3. Clay pots and large ceramic pots for plants 
  4. Coffee (fair trade, organic, shade grown)
  5. Film canisters
  6. Forks, knives, spoons (re-usable silverware) (requested by Lori)
  7. Gardening Tools (clippers, pruners, etc.) 
  8. Legos, K’nex or other construction type toys (requested by Valerie)
  9. Mason jar lids and Mason jars (any size) (requested by Valerie & Sama)
  10. Sponsor a taxidermy
  11. Trowels (small hand shovels)
  12. Vacuum Cleaner (requested by Ali)

Do you have any new or gently used science or nature themed toys or games? We want them! They will be used either in our Children’s Auction to raise funds for the Center, or directly by our students at Nature Camp!

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