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ENC introduces community to local species through birdwatching basics workshop

By Lola Olvera, ENC Communications Intern Native plants attract native birds and the Environmental Nature Center is home to 3.5 acres of Orange County’s flora, and, consequently, its fauna. Native birds are in abundance at the ENC. Well over a hundred different types of birds have been spotted by our eagle-eyed visitors, including egrets, falcons,…

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Invasive plants… whats the big deal?

A group of local students recently asked us some questions about invasive species in Orange County, specifically mustard. Our Horticulture Manager Michael Viramontes was kind enough to answer them, and his answers are so great that we thought we’d share them with YOU! What the most detrimental effects of invasive species? What makes invasive species so…


Does your child have Nature Deficit Disorder?

By Lola Olvera, ENC Communications Intern Your child may have walked out of his annual check-up at the doctor’s in fine health but he may be unknowingly suffering from a malady of the metaphorical kind: nature-deficit disorder. According to Richard Louv, the author of “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” and the…

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